Charlie Hunter

Bellows Falls, Vermont

"I do four or five major plein air events a year, but Forgotten Coats is pretty much my favorite. The extraordinary sense of community that the staff and volunteers have built over the years, the social mission that permeates the event, the lovely, fragile ecosystem, vernacular architecture and small-scale working waterfronts of the area itself -- all combine to make something very special that I look forward to all year long."

"Charlie Hunter has the uncanny ability to seize upon the most ordinary things, and transform them with his brush into bewitching jewels of design and artistic perception." - Richard Schmid

Charlie Hunter grew up in rural New Hampshire and Vermont. Like many small children, Hunter drew what interested him - automobiles, barns, trains and the forgotten nooks and crannies of small-town life. During years of home schooling, he continued on this path, and eventually graduated cum laude from Yale University with a degree in Art and Graphic Design. A job designing tour posters for rock bands led to music management, then to presenting live music events on chartered long distance train cars.

Through it all, Hunter painted, and in 2010 was invited to join Richard Schmid's Putney Painters. In 2012 he entered his first plein air event and since then he has become one of the top representational plein-air painters working today. He is renowned for his extraordinary compositional sense and restrained, subtle palette.

"We are storytellers," Hunter says. "And what is of great importance is how we choose to tell the story. What kind of words do you want to use? How many words? How much do you want to spell things out? Translate that to visual terms. That's what we painters need to be thinking about."

Hunter has been awarded major awards at Forgotten Coast Plein Air as well as at the Laguna (CA), Door County (WI), Wayne (PA), Sedona (AZ), Cape Ann (MA), and Easton (MD) events. Hunter shows at museums and galleries across the United States, most recently at the Brattleboro (VT) Museum, with SEMAPHORE, curated by noted American artist Eric Aho. With Larry Moore, he is the co-creator of the En Train Air painting trains. Although regarded with deep suspicion by his cats, Hunter paints on, undaunted.

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