James Richards

Tucker, Georgia

My goal in painting is to give a glimpse of the beauty in the ordinary everyday objects and places passed by daily without recognition.

James Richards is an American Impressionist painter who specializes in oils. He was born and raised in rural Georgia and spent the days of his youth exploring the farms, fields and forests of his hometown.  Driven by a passionate connection with nature and a deep sense of obligation to relay his vision in the most truthful manner possible, he began painting at a very young age; by the time he was a young adult living in Athens, GA, he had already won numerous awards for his pieces.

James has spent years studying the nuances of paint and developing a keen sense of understanding and control over the medium.  He is now regarded as one of the top oil painters and instructors in the country. He considers teaching and sharing his knowledge to be his primary purpose and true calling as an artist.  He has recently lent his teaching talents to Paula Deen and President Jimmy Carter, where his "demo" painting auctioned for $11,500 (which was donated to charity).  You can view more of his work at http://jrichardsstudio.com/

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