Morgan Samuel Price

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Morgan sees light as a tool to explore the visual pleasure of the movement over the objects. Capturing that movement sets the time of day. Retaining that choice of actual time creates the plausible illusion. The painting is never about the subject; it is about the physical sensation of temperature.

Morgan Samuel Price, artist, teacher/mentor and author began her career at Hallmark Cards 1968. In 1972 she entered the fine art world. This career path has brought her numerous accolades and honors. Morgan is an elected a member of numerous prestigious art societies. She exhibited in more than 64 national exhibitions, 4 international exhibitions, seven solo museum exhibitions and in numerous Plein Air Invitationals around the country. 

Along with previous achievements she has authored two educational art books: A Touchstone to Plein Air Painting and Oil Painting with a Basic Palette. She has also produced 13 Educational DVD’s and 17 Video Tutorials. 

Morgan Samuel Price’s landscapes are composed of keen observation and observed fact. Masterful technique and love of paint allows her to express feelings for light and shadow cast by the moving sun. The work has a freshness and delight of the artist’s faith in nature. Jean Stern PhD., Executive Director for the Joan Irvine Smith Museum of California Impressionists writes:

Morgan Samuel Price is among the best of the true plein air painters of today, that is to say, artists who paint outdoors with the full conviction that the only way to capture the true, fluid effect of natural light is to paint outdoors, amidst that specific light.

Details are listed on her website

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