Residency Exhibit "Creativity by Mark Shasha"

  • 20 Mar 2020
  • 11:00 AM
  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • Cal Allen Gallery, 102 SE Avenue B, Carrabelle

“The Infectious Creativity of Change” by Mark Shasha 

Steve Jobs said that “creativity is connecting things.” Mark’s residency will explore the connection of elements in the Forgotten Coast, such as climate change and the morphing coastal culture. Riffing on the theme that necessity is the mother of invention, Mark will illustrate how change sparks creativity. Through interviews of biologists, architects, seafood workers, city planners, and other integral, but seemingly unconnected, parts of the community, Mark synthesizes how creative thinking, and its infectious nature, can build stronger community infrastructure, both metaphorically and physically. 

Presentation: March 20, 6:00-8:00 pm, Cal Allen Gallery, 102 SE Avenue B, Carrabelle. The exhibit will move to the wet room on March 27 and hang until closing on March 29 at 3:00pm.  Wet room will also close early at 3:00 pm on March 27.  

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