2023 FCenPA Collector Package - Grand Patron level $500

  • 17 Mar 2023
  • 26 Mar 2023



Join us as a collector at the Grand Patron Level - $500 
This level includes:
Listed in Commemorative Collectors' Guide*
Listed on Thank You Boards (2)
2 tickets to the Collectors' Gala
$500 credit towards purchase of 2023 Plein Air Paintings

Pay online through PayPal or mail a check to FCCC (Forgotten Coast Cultural Coalition), PO Box 3, Port St. Joe, FL 32457 

You can pick up your package tickets anytime during the event at the Wet Room (Apalachicola Armory) or at the door of the Maecenas Dinner or Gala. 

*Every attempt will be made to list all registrations in the 2023 Collectors' Guide, however, registrations received after our print cut-off will be listed in the 2024 Commemorative Collectors' Guide.

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