One Day Workshop in Port St. Joe with Kathie Odom

  • 17 Mar 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Port St. Joe
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Quick and Fun Plein Air!

Meet Kathie Odom in Port St. Joe (specific location TBA) for this one day plein air workshop. The workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 17, starting at 9 am and ending at 4:00 pm with a lunch break. Cost is $95 per person - please register online.

Bring a sack lunch or plan to lunch at one of the great restaurants in Port St. Joe. 

The Light is moving and we should too! So join me for a fun and fast single day to learn plein air tips on painting quickly and find out what that will teach you… painterly brush strokes, courage that pays off, abstraction that turns into representational art, and much more!

Attached is my preferred palette and my supply list. If you have these, please bring them or what you feel comfortable with!


Here is my palette. Please bring good quality paint, no student grade paints. (I find that students get frustrated with student grade or different brands of oil paint when trying to learn some of my color mixing and techniques)

*Note Below: Different Companies may use the same color names but they are actually different hues!!!!(example – Gamblin’s Cad Yellow Deep is different from Winsor Newton’s Cad Yellow Deep).

Please note the words: THIS IS REQUIRED

- Titanium White (Blue Ridge Oil Colors)
- Cadmium Lemon (Gamblin)
- Cadmium Yellow Pale (Winsor Newton)
- Cadmium Yellow Deep (Winsor Newton)
- Cadmium Red Light (Gamblin) *
- Cadmium Red Light (Rembrandt)… yes, I use two Cad Red Lights *
- Yellow Ochre Light (Winsor Newton)
- Viridian (Rembrandt only) THIS IS REQUIRED
- Cadmium Red Deep (Gamblin)
- Terra Rosa (Winsor Newton)
- Alizarin Crimson (Gamblin)
- Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt only) THIS IS REQUIRED
- Cerulean Blue (Winsor Newton)
- Cobalt Blue (Gamblin)
- Ultra Marine Blue (Gamblin)
- Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel
- Quinacridone Rose (Rembrandt)
- Colbalt Violet (Winsor Newton)
- Violet Grey (Holbein)
- Indigo (Rembrandt)

- A Glass surface to mix your paints on (no paper please). You may already have glass in your easel… If not, one inexpensive way is to purchase a picture frame at Walmart or local Goodwill... 11x14 or larger.

- Empty, clean pizza boxes are a great way to transport wet paintings. So drop by your local pizzeria and plead your case!

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