Luke Buck

Nineveh, Indiana

"I am in awe of this life and this world.  It is overwhelming.  It's obviously a miracle.  This is God's creation and his gift to us.  No artist can come close to duplicating the beauty or even the feeling we may have as we behold the scene before us, but it is enjoyable to attempt to convey to others with our painting and share our own insights, or to capture the moment of  our own feelings and appreciation of what we are experiencing." 

Luke Buck, a native "Hoosier", grew up in Indiana with a love for life, art, and nature that is evident in his nostalgic paintings of Americana landscapes and American wildlife.  He was raised in a family of artist with not only his father, but also his Mother, one Sister, and three Brothers, all of who were blessed with artistic talents from fine arts, to music, and poetry.

Most of Luke's art education and influence came from training he received from his artist father Harold Buck, whom he shared a studio with  for many years.  Earning a scholarship while attending Arsenal Technical High School, Luke studied figure drawing at the John Heron Art Institute, both in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He majored in art here at "Tech" High School, and received a Vocational Certificate in Commercial Art upon his graduation in 1960.  This launched Luke's art career with the schools job placement program and employment as an illustrator at the Herff Jones Co. in Indianapolis, IN.   In 2012 Luke was honored when the Arsenal Technical High School, Alumni Association, presented him with the "Alumnus Of The Year" award for his continued success in his chosen vocation. Buck's work can be viewed online at:

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