Ruth Squitieri

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"When I paint on location, I want to convey the mood and sunshine that I felt at that moment. The best compliment is when a viewer tells me they can put themselves into the scene and feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy it with me."

Ruth was born and raised in Germany where art has featured prominently for her, although her whole family was more musically inclined. After moving to Florida in the early 1990s, she expanded her knowledge about art via books and self-study, and discovered plein air painting in 2006. Since then she has taken her brushes and paints on location and has depicted alleyways, boats and palm trees in glorious Florida sunshine. In addition to loving the outdoors and eager to chat, encourage and advise passers-by, Ruth has taken on a permanent instructor's position at her local art association in New Smyrna Beach, teaching everything from the basics of sketching to composition and perspective to plein air painting. On top of that Ruth is an active blogger, writing bilingual posts about her own art, in addition to starting a separate blog that chronicles the happenings in art in New Smyrna Beach.

Ruth Squitieri Painting Stations

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