Jeff Ripple

Micanopy, Florida

“I am dedicated to a poetic realism in landscape painting. For me, that is the artistic combination of an accurate depiction of a scene infused by my emotional response to the light and atmosphere on that landscape. Such a painting may or may not be of a precise location or moment in time, but it is always believable and true to place.”

Jeff Ripple’s oil paintings in the field and studio are inspired by intriguing compositions, mood and atmosphere in the landscape. His style involves carefully planned drawings, a reliance on sketches and studies painted in nature to inform studio work, and a treatment of light and atmosphere reminiscent of 19th Century artists working in the uniquely American Hudson River School and Luminist traditions. Jeff is a self-trained artist who relies on rigorous daily practice in drawing and painting as part of his process. He sketches and paints regularly in nature (en plein air). His field work usually involves applying a lot of paint quickly to attain accurate color, values, and forms while seeking specificity in scene or subject.

Jeff Ripple Painting Stations

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