Jeanette Herron

Niceville, Florida

"I am drawn to scenes that have a soul, that speak to something in my core.   I love the feeling of history and stories about to be told when I paint on the Forgotten Coast.  Here is America’s unpretentious grandeur."

Jeanette was born into a family of professional artists, and honed her cache of art skills under the expertise of her mother, aunt and grandfather.  Jeanette’s earliest memories are of entertaining herself with paints and brushes in the back of her mother’s studio as a toddler while her mother worked with students.   Once Jeanette learned to be still, she was allowed to sit in with her mother’s students.  Jeanette credits those early lessons as foundations for her success.    

But becoming an artist is far more than a simple possession of art skills and paint brushes.  Through years of intense daily discipline, Jeanette developed her voice as an artist.  Jeanette lived, worked and studied in Italy for five years, taking workshops at such prestigious schools as the Florence Studios where she studied florals and portraiture.  In addition, she learned through much pounding of the pavement on the ancient walkways in her beloved Italian cities and villages.  In Italy, Jeanette was an invited and awarded participant in numerous pleinair competitions, to include the extempores “Tema Cima da Conegliana,” and “Nel Borgo di Valvasone,” as well as the bi-annual Castelli Aperti at Castello di Strassoldo.

Italian art critic, Sergio Gentilini, for the Felice Arte a Valvasone, described Jeanette’s work as a meditated pause resolved with great poetry and atmospheric compendia.  

Jeanette returned to the United States in early 2020, and now lives permanently on Florida’s Emerald Coast.  She is represented by Kyo Gallery in Washington DC. See Jeanette's website at

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